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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cheezy Pumpkin untuk Snack petang Rayyan..


1st time yana cuba buatkan Rayyan finger food. Sebelum ni finger food Rayyan hanyalah sepotong apple, sepotong carrot, blueberry, kismis..

Gambar kecik dari instagram..

So, petang tadi lepas google cari resepi. Yana buatkan Rayyan Cheezy Pumpkin versi baby.. Cheese dah boleh introduce pada baby sejak 8mth. Lebih bagus guna cheese jenis block sebab rendah kandungan sodium.

When can my baby eat cheese?

Cheese is a excellent food for babies. It is packed with calcium and it also provides protein, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin B12. In fact, the vitamin B12 content of cheese makes it an important part of the diet for vegetarian babies, as this is a nutrient often derived from meat.

In the UK, for example, cheese is typically included in the infant diet from around 6 months of age. Guidelines in the US, however, are more conservative, with some sources suggesting waiting until 8-9 months to introduce cheese.

The safest option, therefore, is to offer only the following types of cheese to your little one (although it is still important to ensure that these are made with pasteurized milk).

Colby Jack


Goreng pumpkin dalam unsalted butter dan taburkan cheedar cheese. Goreng sampai cheese cair dan melekat pada pumpkin.

Simple tak sampai 5 minit. Kalau nak bakar pun boleh.

Sangat sedap!! Tak payah garam gula pun dah sedap.. Pumpkin pun dah manis campur dengan cheese dan butter. Nyam2.. Mama buat 5 ketul, 2 untuk mama dan 3 untuk Rayyan. Tapi Rayyan tak cukup 3 ketul dan minta lagi. Hihi..

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